A web research platform for cutting-edge investigations of social cognition. features a wide variety of fun, interactive studies with personalized visualizations and feedback. Its account system allows participants to review past results, and facilitates research into individual differences in social abilities. Studies focus on person perception, mental state representation, and social traits. Experiments integrate modern tools into research, including online cognitive modelling, adaptive design optimization, variable length experiments, and API-mediated web services.

Matlab TFCE

A pure MATLAB implementation of multiple testing correction for functional magnetic resonance imaging via maximal statistic permutation testing with threshold free cluster enhancement (TFCE). Works with NIfTI and not dependent on use of a particular analysis suite (SPM, FSL, etc.). More restricted functionality than FSL's randomise, but validated against it for the TFCE transformation and t-tests.

Swarm simulator

An interactive simulation of collective animal behavior. Swarmers approximate real flocking/schooling behavior by attempting to maintain fixed distances from, and match velocity to, their neighors. Implemented with d3.js.

Network Centrality Demo

An interactive introduction to the concepts of network centrality. Build up a network from scratch by pulling and dragging from an intial node. See how centrality and other statistics change depending on which connections you add or remove. Implemented with a combination of d3.js and JSNetworkX.

Book Recommender for Project Gutenberg

A book-to-book(s) text-analysis based book recommender for the Project Gutenberg corpus. Find stylistic and content matches for a particular book. See blog post here for development and implementation details.